Speakeasy Simulation

This Simulation is a fun and great way to wrap up a unit on the 1920s Jazz Age in America, and give you students the experience of being in a speakeasy. Your kids will always remember it. It will be a fabulous visual for them, as well as leaving an impression of the important people who played a role in 1920s culture.

This lesson will require some prep on your part, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get everything set up and ready to go. It comes best at the end of a 1920s unit, but could also be a good introduction. If you can time it that way, we do it as an after school activity.

Included in this lesson are the steps you will take in order to put everything together, suggestions for expanding and implementing. Each year I add something new.

  • Introduction of the Stork Club (owner, location, etc..)
  • Food & Drinks: Kegs of Root beer, Cream Soda and Pineapple Upside-down cake (Chicago Root Beer Company) The names of the drinks are all historical 20s names for bootleg alcohol
  • Fashion: Dress of the Roaring 1920s (photo booth) – all purchased from Halloween Stores
  • Gambling: Various games of chance and betting (simulated outcomes). Blackjack, Horse Racing, Roulette (Purchased from eBay), Faro (Directions to make and play Faro)
  • Entertainment: Dance instructor teaching the students the dances and music of the 1920s (Contacted a local dance instructor)