Automating the Senior Slide Show


Senior slide show

I have made a few senior slide shows over my tenure. With that said, I finally found a way to automate the process. It is still a work in progress if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me. You must have Excel and PowerPoint installed on your computer to generate the slideshow.

Photos on the slide show have the most processing that happen during the creation process of the slides. Every photo will be different. I started with cropping the pictures but I decided on the best solution. If the width has the greatest difference it adjust the photo to with with of the template. Likewise, if the height has the greatest difference it adjusts the height of the photo. It keeps the aspect ratio of the photo so it does not distort the photo.


  1. Download Excel and PowerPoint Templates
  2. Create a Google Form to collect information
  3. Create a Google Sheet to collect responses
  4. Change the rights to allow view public
  5. Modify 2nd PowerPoint Slide of the Template to the format of the presentation
  6. Copy the contents of the Google Sheet to Excel to Generate the presentation
  7. Click the Start Button


Google Form

Version Information

2020.1Initial creation
2020.2Add support to copy ZOrder and shadows of the photo on the template slides