Using “Dave” Movie for Government Class

I normally do not desire to show a complete movie in government or history class. I have one exception. I like to use the movie Dave. During the movie Dave Kovik will learn how to function as the President of the United States. He will demonstrate all of the many roles and responsibilities.

Dave is a comedy, and unlike many of the movies it does not attempt to be historical in any way. However, students as me if it is true. The crazy premise of the movie is that Dave looks exactly like the President, the President has a stroke, and Dave is then asked to fill in for him and pretend to be the President for a little while.

It’s a crazy scheme, and it leads to some hilarious scenes. Compared to some other political thrillers and historical dramas, it’s more lighthearted. But it does shows the behind the scenes functioning of a Presidential administration, and there is some value in that if you’re asking students to watch it. Not all movies about government and politics have to be serious – sometimes it’s nice to just watch something fun.