Holocaust Children Project

PreparationOne set of copies of the Holocaust Children Document
Make one complete Id card as an example
ProcedureGive each student a piece of hard stock paper
Have them fold it in half (landscape/lengthwise)
Each student cuts out a Jewish star/there id section of their child
After each student places them on their id they will place a thumb and index fingerprint on their id card
On the back of the id card, they will write their prediction if they live or die
Each day the students receive the next section of their background about their person. The last day they will receive a ribbon and safety pin (black – died in the holocaust, yellow – lived through the holocaust)
MaterialsHeavy 20lb paper folded in half (off-white would be the best)
Gluesticks (5 sticks)
Scissors Printed out Holocaust Cards
Lee Inkless Finger Print Pad
Length5 days – 10 minutes each day
PurposeTo have the learners connect with a real victims of the holocaust
Indiana Academic Standards: US HistoryUS5.4 Describe Hitler’s “final solution” policy and identify the Allied responses to the Holocaust.