FDR New Deal Periodic Table

The original periodic table was written with Adobe Flash, that has been retired. I converted the site to HTML and JavaScript to provide the same functionality plus additional functionality as well.


Chemists use the periodic table of the elements to classify, systematize and compare all of the many forms of chemical behavior. Chemical elements displayed on the Periodic Table of Elements The FDR Library devised a periodic table of the New Deal to serve the same function for the study of New Deal history!

The New Deal was the name given to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s complex package of economic programs developed to combat the Great Depression in the 1930s. By collecting and grouping information regarding this major component of the Roosevelt Presidency, the periodic table may help teachers and students study and understand these important elements of American history.

The table presents major programs, players and events surrounding the New Deal and includes brief definitions or descriptions. The table is designed to be used in a number of ways: as a visual depiction of the complexity and scope of these events; as a way introduce students to specific players and events; or as comprehensive list from which teachers and students can select a topic for further in-depth investigation. (source FDR Library)


FDR Periodic Table Demo