Dressing up Google Classroom

I am not a huge fan of Google Classroom. I simply find it utilitarian at best. However, the widespread adoption of it has caused me to write up some specific tricks to overcome many of its issues.

Long Worded Instructions

When you have a long set of instructions it is easy to get lost. Using bold and symbols allow you to call out specific information that can be lost. However, unfortunately Classroom does not allow you to do that. After some playing, I found a way to emphasize words. You can use tools like coolsymbol.com/cool-fancy-text-generator.html, you can type a word, phrase, or sentence. The site generates a variety of options using universal characters set that can be posted in your assignment. These options will allow you to make your assignment stand out from the rest of the post. Use fancy text to emphasize titles, due dates, names, project requirements, book titles—whatever you want to stand out in your post.

Font Generators