Simulations Waiting to be Evaluated

This is a list of simulations I have collected over the last few years. I have not evaluated these in a long time. I will be evaluating them over the next few weeks and cleanup this list. If you have additional simulations feel free to contact me.

TitleSubject/UnitTypeBrief ExplanationLinks
Tough ChoicesGovernment, US History, World HistoryIn ClassUse ethical problems faced by adults working in small groups to engage your students with real world problems (past and present)
Alliance SimulationWorld History/ WWIIn Classstudents learn about how alliances can be a disadvantage and lead to war – plan for 2 hours
This looks like the updated version:
Economics in Action: 14 Greatest Hits in Teaching EconomicsEconomicsContains some excellent, simple, and often quick simulations regarding basic economic theories.
1920 Stock Market CrashU.S.History2 day lesson -excellent
iCivics.orgUS GovernmentGreat simulations on branches of gov’t., citizenship, elections, civil rights, etc. Great graphics. Good for various grades, but especially jr high and HS. Backed by Sandra Day O’
Mission US18th Century US HistoryStudents get to be an apprentice at the Boston Gazette in the days before the American Revolution or a slave trying to escape to freedom.
SpentSociology/EconomicsStudents go through several scenarios where they have to choose how to spend minimum wage paycheck. They loved it! Makes current economy very real to them.
Head to HeadHistorical FiguresThis is the free one, Dr. Fox, but version of Hitler and Stalin are the best. They allow you to ask historical figures any questions you want, and it is incredibly realistic and accurate
History AnimatedUS History, 20th Century World HistorySimulations of key battles of the US Revolutionary and Civil War, and WWII (Site is current down, i have contacted the creator)
We Choose the MoonUS HistorySimulation of the mission of Apollo 11, first manned flight to the moon. (Site is current down, i have contacted the creator)
Trenches areWorld History/ WWIRe-enact trench warfare
follow up with
TrenchesWorld History / WWIRe-enact Trench WarfareGame: How many soldiers survived the trenches?
Visual Set Up:
Reading Interactive Game:
Dropping the Atomic BombWorld History / WWIISimulation of “Trial of Harry Truman” in response to the question: “Was America justified in their decision to drop the Atomic Bomb?”
Students are assigned roles. They research and write their own script for the trial. Students from other grades serve as jury members.
Trial Script/ Assign Student Roles
Visual Set.Up:
Pearl Harbor Attack MapUS/World HistorySimulation of Attack on Pearl Harbor working
Planetary Size ComparisonGeographyPlanetary Size and Distance Comparison
Stock Market GameEconomicsVirtually invest $100,000 into the stock market- Monitor your portfolio, compete with other[not working]
another option:
Worst Jobs in History: MedievalMedievalSort of like Dirty Jobs Medieval style, students rank desired occupation based on physical exertion, gruesomeness etc..
Worst Jobs in HistoryUS/World HistoryChoose job during Victorian Age
Psychology Simulations/DemosPsychology (could be tweaked for Sociology?)
Science/Geography SimulationsGeographyTopographical Maphttp://www.teachersmonthly.rcom/08/free-web-baseindex.php/2011/d-science-biology-geography-simulations/
Maya Rise & FallWorld HistoryInteractives about Maya civilization
Geography of a pencilGeographyTrack a pencil from origin, trade, and transport
Hurricane NameGeography/current eventsFind if your name has been used!
All names since 1950
Paperclip gameCapitalism/communismStudents play Rock, Paper, Scissors to model capitalism
Singing Strike in Lawrence, MAIndustrialism/LaborStudents role play and try to solve real problem faced by striking IWW members 100 years ago.
MercantilismWorld StudiesStudents learn how mercantilism leads to powerful countries dominating weak to imperialism.
Treaty of VersaillesWorld Studiesstudents model the treaty and resultssons/ushistory/treaty_of_versailles_simulation.htm
Budget PuzzleUSGov/current eventsYou fix the budget: being in charge of nation’s finances
stock market portfolioseconomicsstudents can compare companies by sectors. Strong educational working as of 1/24/16)
Confiscate student laptopsImperialismI took away student laptops to simulate losing personal property
Handshake activityWorld Studies/Black PlagueTell students we are going to practice business handshakes. Demonstrate and then have them practice with each other. Have one student secretly put invisible ink on their hands. Check for “deaths” afterwards with a black light.
OneWorld ClassroomsGeography/world culturesI used these images and created levels of ?’s as the students learned about the cultures through the images
You Be the JudgeWorld History/GovernmentMake decision to determine punishments in 19th Ct.
Urbanization GameEuro/World historyStudents go from village to industrial town in 21 stages – town grows as they draw more features
Feudal Role Play
(Also called Feudal M&Ms)
Middle Ages
Students take the role of different people within the feudal hierarchy. Students start with an amount of candy and then pay “taxes” to people above them in the feudal pyramid.
*Note – there are many links to variations of this activity. Search to find something you like.
Atomic Bomb TrialUS. History, World History, Two World WarsStudents assume the role of witnesses and lawyers and by using primary and secondary source documents, both defend and attack the United States use of the atomic bombIt’s not web based
Alliances simulationTwo World WarsStudents are assigned a country and using the descriptions of different European nations, decide who would make the perfect ally. Students will also defend their choices.It’s not web based,
Capitalism/Socialism/Factory SimulationWorld HistoryStudents create a product, produce it, pay workers, negotiate wages, operate on incentive and organize for work rules and better conditions.It’s not web based
Mock Trials: Russian Revolution and Ancient RomeWorld HistoryStudents role play to learn about and critically think about historyIt’s not web based
Election SimulationGovernmentStudents participate in an in class election complete with voter registration cards.
Scramble for AfricaWorld HistoryLate 1800 European Imperialism in Africa.
Treaty of Versailles SimulationWorld HistoryWorld War I
French RevolutionWorld HistoryWeb Quest on the French Rev. Video clips are used to find several answers.
Nail Polish ExperimentSociologyHelp students investigate the relationship between gender and homophobia.
Gender SocializationSociologyStudents go to a store and report on differences between boy & girl
Armenian Genocide DebateUS/World History, Government (Lobbying)Students are assigned to lobbying firms supported by different interest groups and build a presentation to convince the US House of Representatives to vote in favor or opposition to recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
Link is to a Google Docs Folder with all of the mission cards (6 teams) and a Google Drawing with the QR Codes to link to the mission cards. Contact @amakelky with questions
Center for Advanced Research on Language AcquisitionVariety of SimsA general list. You still need to find links to sims.
AlbatrossCultural exercise on gender discriminationbest done in groups of 12 to 15 participants
Redistricting GameU.S. Government/CivicsSimulation of redistricting (or gerrymandering). Can be done individually (or in pairs with two students working together on one computer.
Peakville Needs a Rec CenterLocal GovernmentA role played simulation of a town meeting about building a new recreation center. Students represent local interest groups.Simulation slides with roles and choices
Lesson Plan
River City Wants WaterLocal GovernmentTown meeting about building a reservoir. Interest groups compete to influence leaders choices.Simulation slides with roles and choices
Partition of BomonGeography/ConflictSimulation of negotiating territories based on ethnicity, resources and forming alliances. Historical context is Berlin Conference, and it turns out that Bomon is actually Nigeria.Link to Activity
Voter’s EdUS Election History and ModelingInteractive Maps of all US Presidential elections going back to 1789
Includes election history of all US Presidential elections back to 1789 featuring, interactive maps, significant events, new states and exploratory questions. Poll tracking of most recent/current election featuring state registration data, links to candidate websites and shareable maps for students to make predictions about election outcomes. Lesson Plans available.
Foundation for Teaching EconomicsEconomics, US History, Civics, Environmental StudiesSimulations related to economics throughout social studies
Citizens Initiative ReviewGovernment/Citizen EducationStructured group deliberation on ballot initiatives.