Remembering the Children of the Holocaust

Remember the Children: is the experiential program for students. The experience tells the story of children’s experience during the Holocaust from the perspective of children growing up in Nazi Germany. This Lesson focuses on real-life students and their lives before, during and the effect of the holocaust on their lives.

Supplies Needed

  • Thick Paper Stock (Typically tan)
  • Fingerprint Pad (purchase from amazon)
  • Enough Children from the Holocaust Background and Stars Printed for Each Student
  • Glue Stick


  • Cutout the paper stock into four parts – cut horizontal and vertical
  • Cutout the children into quarters also.


Day 1 – Front of Identification Card

  • Fold card stock in 1/2
  • Glue the photo and start on the start
  • Place a finger print on over the corner of the photo and star

Day 2 – 4

  • Each student glues the (Before, During and Aftermath) of this child’s life
  • On day 4 if their child died they wear a black ribbon on the 5 day. If they child lived they wear a gold ribbon