I am rarely satisfied with the status quo. I am constantly looking at trying new things, addressing my weaknesses, and magnifying my weaknesses. Many of my thoughts are not my own but influenced by readings from others. I decided to keep a list of many of my favorite articles in a common place.


Introducing Animated History

Animatedhistory.org I have decided to embark on a new summer project. I have created a site called "Animated History." Animated...
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Dressing up Google Classroom

I am not a huge fan of Google Classroom. I simply find it utilitarian at best. However, the widespread adoption...
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Mastery Based Classroom

I have been struggling for years on how to implement mastery-based learning in a social studies class. How can I...
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Building Reading and Writing Stamina

My single biggest frustration that I believe is correctable, is the lack of reading and writing stamina. I have had...
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Why is This Still True?

Jungle School Board When the animals decided to establish schools they selected a school board consisting of Mr. Elephant, Mr....
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Flipped Learning

Over the past few years I have been experimenting with different types and methods of flipped learning. As a result,...
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On My Nightstand

Role-play games and simulations in International Relations: an overview

Games and simulations have long been used for both policy analysis andteaching of International Relations. After a brief overview of...
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Reinventing the High School Government Course

The high school government course is arguably the main site of formal civic education in the country today. This article...
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Activities to Get Students to Do the Reading in Social Studies

Students not doing the reading assigned for homework seems to be an eternal challenge for every teacher.  Failure to do...
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